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Jalor Intense Dermal filler

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For all types of volume

The excellent results achieved with this filler led to the creation of a specific product that gives volume to the face while maintaining the characteristics of the JALOR range: the result is a highly cross-linked gel (also containing 23 mg/ 1 ml of hyaluronic acid) which is injected with a 27G needle to reach the desired level of filling without causing trauma to the tissues.

  • fills lines and treats deep wrinkles in thick skin
  • restores or creates facial volume
  • increases the volume of the lips

The duration is exceptional for a reabsorbable product: it varies between 8 and 18 months following implantation.


Content 1ml
Concentration HA 23mg/ml
Reticulating agent BDDE
Dinamic viscosity > 1mln Pas
Degree of Crosslinking stellastellastellastella
Needles 2x 27 G (Terumo)
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